Shades Of White [GUEST POST] | Blogtober Day 10

By Maria “Tzing Fung” Baker I remember many years ago after summer break, when I returned for another year at school, my friends and I, as we always did after a tediously hot summer, placed our arms in the middle of our circle, lining them up to compare the shades like a very uniformed and […]

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The Filter Effect (Thanks Maria)

We are the generation of social media and vanity. It’s true, we can’t deny it. It’s not technically a bad thing as I believe we’re also the generation of self love and feeling body confident, no matter who you are or what insecurities you hold. We love ourselves and we especially love taking selfies. Some […]

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My Nose.

I’ve always hated my nose. It’s an Indian nose, I got it from my dad, who got it from his dad, who got it from his dad. An ancestry nose, and if you’re aware of Indian noses, you’re aware of how big they are. Mine, in particularly, has always been prominent. I’m a young woman, […]

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