The Kardashians Vs. Jameela Jamil | Blogtober Day 6


For the last few years of our lives on this planet, one family name has been on all of our lips, whether we love them or hate them and we can’t even deny it – The Kardashians.

Whether you think they’re the girl bosses or con artists of our century, it’s easy to admit that these ladies know how to sell themselves, influence a generation and become top business professionals. May it be Kim’s fashions, Kourtney’s personality or Kylie’s lips, a lot of us girls have been inspired by these women at some point in our lives, I know I have. I take a lot of inspiration from their work ethic and how they were able to create a multi-millionaire franchise just on themselves, isn’t that what all bloggers aspire to do?

However, this post isn’t remotely about The Kardashians. May I introduce you to Jameela Jamil…

Jameela Jamil was one of the first brown women I saw on public television, that wasn’t about something to do with her skin colour. She was a confident, gorgeous tv presenter and I looked up to her a lot growing up, as someone who looked like me, working the heck out of the industry. Skip ten years later and she’s a lead character in Netflix’s The Good Place and I was so proud and happy to find out that she had landed that role. The Good Place reminded me of my connection to Jameela as a kid, so I decided to follow her on social media and I realised how much of an advocate and role model she has become to all sorts of young women.

She publicly and confidently speaks up about her experiences with weight gain, pressure on looking good in the industry and especially slates the Kardashians for their incapability of realising the influence they have on young women. Kim has shown to continuously support a ‘skinny lollipop’, which condones unhealthy lifestyles and skinny, ‘perfect’ bodies to young women and Jameela Jamil has had enough of it, speaking up about it at every opportunity she gets.

I think this is less of a conversation on the moralities of the Kardashians and more of a in depth look at the influence of an influencer. They’re unaware that the harmful substances they condone can completely manipulate a generation of young girls into thinking, ‘well I want to look like the kardashians, so I’m not going to eat either!’ It’s a completely unhealthy perspective that doesn’t just have the Kardashians to blame, but online influencers from all sorts of paths, selling false dreams and unhappiness to young girls that really need a good role model. And the Kardashians ain’t it.

This is just something that has been on my mind and it’s time it’s addressed. Role models shouldn’t tell you what to do, or tell you how to live your life. Role models should teach, educate and open the younger generations up to learning about themselves, loving who they are and appreciate what their mama’s gave them.

One day, I dream to be the role model of a young Indian girl. I want her to know that she is beautiful, no matter how she looks, no matter what she thinks and I’m never gonna sell her something for the sake of getting paid. That is a toxic celebrity.

I just really appreciate Jameela Jamil, what she’s doing and what she is talking about, and I am thankful to have a woman like that to look up to, for the large majority of my life.

2 thoughts on “The Kardashians Vs. Jameela Jamil | Blogtober Day 6

  1. I LOVE Jameela Jamil. She is so talented and such an incredible role model for young girls everywhere. Started following her on Twitter lately and I love how much she speaks out for body positivity!

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