The Problem With Plastic Surgery | Blogtober Day 7


Plastic surgery is a practice that has been constant in society since the early 400s. It is considered that the first plastic surgeon, was a man in India who performed skin grafts. Now, I don’t want to bore you with the history of plastic surgery, I just thought it was so interesting to discover that humanity has always had this underlying issue – we dislike how we look and there has always been the option to change that.

It has been deemed a popular surgery only in the last few decades, as our tools and knowledge has become so much more professional and extensive, that it’s easier, cheaper and safer to get plastic surgery than ever before. However, it is believed that all our practices are still the same practices that were carried out in the 18th century.

This isn’t a rant about plastic surgery, by the way. My problem with plastic surgery, is how nobody talks about it.

Despite my day 2 blog, regarding my nose and how I would never wish a nose job upon myself, I actually think that if you want plastic surgery, you should go for it. I always try to help people see the beauty within themselves, but if someone is really struggling that much, I wouldn’t want to stop someone from feeling confident and better about themselves. However, I believe that if you do go through with getting plastic surgery, you should be open to also talk about how you have received plastic surgery.

Take Kylie Jenner as an example. (I’m sorry I keep bringing up The Kardashian’s, but you’ll understand in a minute.)

From a very young age, Kylie Jenner was constantly in the spotlight. She had her glamorous older sisters constantly around cameras and growing up being a character in ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ didn’t make the fame feel any less natural. Kylie constantly had cameras in her face. Think for a second about how insecure we were as little girls growing up, now imagine if we constantly had cameras and media attractions paying attention to our every flaw, even from very young ages, like 9 or 12. That was Kylie Jenner’s childhood.

It makes a lot of sense to me that Kylie grew up feeling extremely insecure. Her face was everywhere and when you’re young and more vulnerable, this dramatised any kind of insecurity or issue she had with herself. More specifically, her lips.

Kylie has always been vocal on how much she hated how small her lips were. Then all of a sudden, Kylie started turning up to red carpet events with plump, beautiful lips. Obviously, the rumours began. Lip job at 15? Lip fillers? Underage plastic surgery?

I think there is an underlying problem here about getting surgery at a young age. But I think the uttermost dangerous part of this whole event, was the fact that she didn’t come forward about anything. She ran away from the questions and suggested that it was just her lipliner. I can’t explain how dangerous that is.

Young girls are growing up with role models and influenced by people like Kylie. They want her look, they want her fashion and they want her lips. However, she’s selling false hope. By telling these young girls, they can get her lips by buying one of her lip kits is just exploitation and she’s not owning up to the fact that they’re NOT REAL.

Kids will be growing up with this unrealistic image that Kylie has great lips, so why don’t they? But if they learn from a young age that lips like those don’t really exist, isn’t that healthier? Than lying completely to their faces?

Maybe plastic surgery would be more accepted, if the conversation around them was actually discussed. I, however, believe this is a change that needs to begin with the people who practice receiving plastic surgery. If you receive plastic surgery, I believe you need to be open to discussion and questions. It’s important to get that out there, because the danger of selling unreal expectations to children, is way worse than the little embarrassment you may face in comparison.

Maybe I’m harsh, but I am interested in hearing what is your opinion on plastic surgery and what do you think about the problems surrounding plastic surgery?

6 thoughts on “The Problem With Plastic Surgery | Blogtober Day 7

  1. I’m on the fence on this one but I can sort of understand why they did it. Take it for example in South Korea, there are plastic surgery ads everywhere in the subway and even I as a tourist feel uncomfortable and a bit pressure about it more so for the Koreans who saw the ads every day and can understand the Korean language.

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    1. Damn that’s really crazy. I remember watching a documentary on plastic surgery in Korea, it’s crazy how common it is over there. But then again, we have ads on our telly all the time, they’re just censored by 9pm+, but I’ve definitely seen plastic surgery ads in England


      1. Imagine having plastic cusrgery ads literally shoved in your face every day. I’d go crazy.

        I’ve never seen a plastic surgery ads in Malaysia but we do have whitening ads going rampant because of obsession to get the pale pinkish flawless white skin.


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