Is It Okay To Be Fake Happy? | Blogtober Day 5

0C9A9732Oh, don’t ask me how I’ve been, don’t make me play pretend.

What’s the use?

I bet everybody here is fake happy too.

Being fake happy is genuinely an important life discussion and thing to constantly be aware of, but especially a huge underlying issue within the blogging community, so let’s specifically talk about being fake happy on social media.

Happiness is the key to a successful blogging career and that is the reality. Yes, it’s important to address mental health issues, rainy days and complaints, however you’re most likely going to gain more followers if you remain on the positive side of life, as that’s what people are interested in, that’s the kind of thing consumers want to add into their lives. They want content that will make them happy! So, we paint our pretty picture.

Our instagram is bright and colourful, only pictures of us smiling on those days where we put in those extra bits of effort. Highlighting only the times where we actually plan to do something, getting our friends to take photos of us looking like we’re having a whale of a time. Our twitter telling funny stories and sharing personal successes and achievements. We paint the picture that we want the world to see, but not necessarily what is going on behind closed doors.

Is this bad? Generally, no. I believe social media should be practiced as a creative outlet and a blogger should feel that they can do whatever they want with their blog. As I said, no one is really interested in following bloggers who will be gloomy everyday, it just can be very draining and too much, sometimes. However, it’s not healthy.

Social media gives us an intense pressure to live life a certain way. We have to be out there, looking for adventure, eating healthy and doing yoga. We have to explore, go for jogs everyday and eat out at fancy looking restaurants. Social media gives us an image of an ideal life, but in reality, no one actually has it. Nobody, not even Gwyneth Paltrow has a perfect life like that.

Everybody has down days. Everybody has days where they don’t feel like getting out of bed and snooze the alarm. Everybody has junk food days, where they eat a pot noodle or that whole tin of pringles. Just because people don’t show those bad days in life, does not make them invalid or rare, they’re completely normal and okay.

Don’t feel as if your life has to look like the lives of social influencers. Don’t fall into the trap of having to be productive all the time. Do you, you know you’re rhythm and how you work, live to your life and no one else’s.

I guess today’s blog is more of a challenge for you. The next time you wake up and want to stay in bed, let yourself have a lie in. The next time you consider grabbing the unhealthy option, treat yourself. As long as you generally keep on eye on your health and your balanced diet, I think it’s perfectly fine to enjoy those little things in life. And your final challenge – the next time you’re having a down day, tweet about it. Let your followers know. Don’t put on a fake smile, don’t put on a facade, be honest, truthful and you may get a response that you never expected.

I guess the days of being fake happy is just intertwined with our virtual lives on social media, but I think we need to take action in separating our internet selves from our actual selves.

Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Be Fake Happy? | Blogtober Day 5

  1. Amazing use of Paramore right there. Love you even more. Social media is definitely massively making people feel inadequate with their own lives and happiness, and I did notice this a lot in the blogging world. It’s a shame that everything has to be “pretty” and “happy” for people to actually connect with people. It’s so important to address this issue and remind everyone that not everything is as it seems through social media. Great post!
    Lavrax |

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