A Challenge To You | Blogtober Day 16

This is the end. 

At day 16, I unfortunately have to end my Blogtober journey. It’s been super fun, engaging and I’m so glad I’ve discovered some amazing new bloggers.

Unfortunately, writing the stuff that I write sometimes does take a toll on me. I love being open and honest and discussing important things, but a lot of the time that stuff can get really heavy. In addition to this, I’ve generally been having some pretty tough days and at this moment, I just have to prioritise my mental health.

Thank you so much for following my blogtober this month and reading along. I hope you can stick around because I am planning some awesome things soon, so look out for that. 

For now, I actually have a challenge for you.

This blogtober, or this year at some point, write about something difficult. Share an insecurity, share a personal story, something that you wish you could have read at a difficult point in your personal life. I want you to write it, post it and share it with me – something that would have fit nice and comfortably into my blogtober. I really want to hear some stories from you guys!

Right now, I’m just incredibly proud of myself for surpassing my last year record of 11 days. I will take 16 happily and who knows, maybe next year I can give it another stab and finally hit 31!

Thank you so much again to Laura, Ethan and Beth for contributing to my posts this year, I couldn’t have done this without you and your support.

If you’re looking for some of my favourites this year who are still bossing through blogtober, follow these guys:


Lilyotron, Lily Snyder

Annii Trasler, Ruston and Rose



Esmee, Servillas Speaks


Catch you soon!

Love always,


One thought on “A Challenge To You | Blogtober Day 16

  1. Sorry to read this is the end of Blogtober for you! I totally get it and I’m sure this won’t be the last we’ll hear from you. I’m so happy to have discovered your blog and others through this challenge.
    Thank you for the shout out. I look forward to our continued blogging journies! 🙂

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