Why We Need To Take Influencers More Seriously | Blogtober Day 7

Influencer this, influencer that. I know, we’re all tired of the word influencer. This new job title has sprung into the universe and as all things new, most people are struggling to understand the concept. 

It was like when YouTube was created and we were first hearing the word “YouTuber”. No one took it seriously, especially media outlets, realising how scary the youtuber actually could be to their industry and instead of taking on the competition, they just talked shit about them, constantly picking out youtubers on their negative stories only, which is something that is still happening 14 years on.

From instagram model, to e-girl, we have landed at influencer – a term used, mostly to describe people who have a strong social media presence. And obviously, it’s a term heavily frowned upon. 

Socially, influencers are usually used to describe instagram models or people with large social media followings. They’re seen as people who take photos of themselves, travel the world, receive free items and sell diet teas. However, again, here, we are only focusing on the negative portrayal of the word influencer and not what the actual definition is. 

I’m gonna say it. I love the idea of an influencer. I think influencer is an awesome job to have and I have no issues with if my younger siblings or cousins, admitted to me that they also want to be an influencer. 

By definition, an influencer is a person or thing that influences another.

I think it is the wrong attitude to roll your eyes at this term. As the truth is, there is a lot of powerful people in the world who have a large influence, whether you like it or not.

Celebrities are influencers, parents are influencers, YouTubers are influencers, the president of the united states is a goddamn influencer! Why? Because, by definition, they have the ability to influence you to do things, to think certain ways and to introduce you to different topics and perspectives.

Influencer’s have a lot of power and that is why it’s important to start taking them so much more seriously.

They have the power to teach our children; they are the ones that the younger generations are listening to. And obviously it’s not only important with us to take them seriously, but influencers need to realise their power too! 

Let’s look at Pewdiepie for example. I love that guy. But we all know how many controversies that man has had in his life.

He’s been under the media’s limelight for a long time, because they know how powerful he is. He is one man and one of the most powerful influencers on our planet right now. He has an army that he can influence with a click of his fingers and I totally think he has realised this in his last few years. He has been so cautious of his actions, he promotes so many charities and helpful organisations. He didn’t ask to be an influencer, but he became one. And when he realised the power he held, he did everything he could to be a positive enforcement for his young, influential audience. 

So, the next time you catch yourself rolling your eyes at the term influencer, think for a second about what they might be influencing. 

But of course, you are still very much allowed to criticise people who sell diet teas to young audiences, because that is not cool. 

What is your take on the word influencer? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Catch you back here soon.

Love always,



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