Calling Out FaceTune Users | Blogtober Day 3

On my blog, I’ve always been vocal about my feelings towards snapchat. In fact, I wrote a blog about it for last blogtober (cheeky plug)

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However, as the year has progressed, another modification app has become incredibly popular and widely used: FaceTune. 

FaceTune is a free to download application on the app store, aimed to be your little photoshop in your pocket. To “enhance”, “edit” and “retouch” your photos and I absolutely despise it. 

Look, it’s a free world. You are very obviously able to do what the heck you want to do with your images, especially when we’re in such a culture that constantly puts up photos of ourselves. We are looking at ourselves way more than we have ever in history, so it’s natural that we’re going to be picking up insecurities and negative thoughts surrounding our personal images. But why is our next go to, to then cover them up? 

As FaceTune is becoming a trend, with people who call themselves influencers using it to retouch their photos, it is becoming more normal for anyone who is on the internet to be doing it. After all, everyone else is, so who is it going to hurt if I join in too? 

So, here’s why I don’t like FaceTune:

  1. You’re damaging yourself. 

It is not healthy to be looking at yourself so much every day, anyway. You are picking out personal self issues, correcting to what society deems acceptable and hiding items that I’m sure the whole world is insecure about on their own body. It is unhealthy for yourself to get into a rhythm of seeing yourself in a false way, because it only highlights your insecurities more. The negative feelings that you have will just get bigger and bigger and your insecurities will just rise and rise, until your whole picture is “enhanced” and “retouched” and so are you. 

     2. You’re damaging your audience. 

For so long, I have been comparing myself to beautiful women on instagram. Thinking, wow, how I’d love to have their cute button nose, their clear skin complexion, their hourglass figure and toned abs. It wasn’t until I saw a video of an influencer openly showing her audience what she does to manipulate her images, that I realised the majority were fake and it is impossible to compare myself to an edited image of another person. 

Younger audiences especially are so influential. If they see an older, more mature women using FaceTune, then that is their confirmation that it’s completely okay for them to download it too. What would you say to your younger self, if they were using it? Even your children, or younger siblings? 

I know I preach about learning to love yourself and I know it’s an easier task said then done, but falling for these applications that are built from exploiting your insecurities is not the first step. In fact, the first step is to open your phone and delete the app. Be honest about who you truly are. Then, if you really don’t want to delete the app and want to continue using it,  at least be honest with your audience, instead of selling them a face that doesn’t even exist. 

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

That one got a little passionate. I’d be really interested in hearing your opinions, especially if you’re pro facetune. I’m all ears and open to a healthy discussion, so would be interested in hearing some different thoughts.

Love always, 



Day 2 Shout-Outs

Just here to shout out some of my favourite blog posts over the last 24 hours.

Ruston and Rose

I stumbled across this blog on twitter and I am so glad I did. Annii is a beautiful and talented writer and I’m so excited to read what else she has to write this Blogtober, and think you should also follow her along for your Blogtober journey.

Ell // BossGirlBloggers

I’m sure Ell doesn’t need a shout-out, however I found her 10 Lessons I Learn From Blogging Full Time post so interesting and inspiring. It was filled with things that I hadn’t even thought about and it’s awesome that she’s been able to turn her blog into a full-time blog and isn’t afraid to let you in on how to go about it. Thanks Ell!








6 thoughts on “Calling Out FaceTune Users | Blogtober Day 3

  1. Apps like what you describe also make me wonder about privacy concerns. Like the FaceApp that if you agreed to the Terms & Conditions, you essentially gave away rights to your face and all kinds of crazy data.
    I agree too, it’s probably a good thing to take a break from analyzing our selfies too much. 🙂

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  2. I feel the same way. While I want to be all #loveyourself and #nofilter, I still feel so insecure about posting pictures of myself b/c we’re surrounded by such “perfection.” I am ALL FOR a fearlessly flawed trend on social media (mostly b/c I find makeup finicky >_<)

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