A Guide To Veganuary

So you want to be a vegan, ay? (Or at least for a month.)

Whether you’re a meat eater, a veggie or a pesky – I hope that I will have a few tips, recipes and advice that may help you on making your Vegan January the best it can be, as someone who has been a vegan for over a year now.

  1. Research, research, research!

It sounds super boring, I know, because no one really enjoys an extensive evening of research but as a tool, it’s actually pretty efficient. There are so many sources and blogs out there that are so helpful in making the switch and ensure you have the tastiest and safe Veganuary of your life! To save you some stress and time, I did a bit of research for you and hopefully it will help you on the right track:

The Vegan Diet | NHS


Nutrients | The Vegan Society


10 Tips If You’re Thinking About Going Vegan |  Self



2. Food doesn’t have to suck.

A common misconception about going vegan is that the food sucks and I can’t disagree enough. Sure, there are a few flavours that just won’t be on our taste buds again but honestly, there is still so much potential that you can do. It’s a bit of trial and error, but you just need to know what you like and work with that! We have smoothies and ice-cream and bbq sauce and seasoning and french fries and THE Linda McCartney. There are so many options right now, you just have to open your eyes and be free for a little experimentation!

Here are a few of my favourite meals for some inspiration.. (ask me for the recipes!)

  • Mushroom, broccoli and leek pie.
  • Chilli And Chips (more nutritional if you have it with rice.)
  • Fajitas
  • Chickpea Curry
  • Lentil Ragu
  • B12 Mac And Cheese
  • Creamy mushroom pasta.
  • Pizza Pittas.

And this is just what I usually have in a week, lmao.


3. Meal prep and plan!

If you think you’re going to have a struggle in the cooking department, then I really advise that you meal prep and plan. I carry a vegan journal around with me, that I really wish I updated more, but it contains a) everything I should be eating, b) how to turn those into meals and c) when in the week I’m going to be eating them! (Along with the recipes.) This just makes my life a whole lot easier, as when I start my day, I know exactly what I’m eating and the foods I need to pick up. I make it work with my schedule and it actually makes me more excited about cooking – especially if you’re making a meal you’ll know you’ll love!



4. Don’t give in to temptation…

The cravings are gonna suck. At least for me, I still haven’t gotten over craving bacon and eggs and I’ve been vegan for a year plus, and veggie for a year more. You’ve just gotta work with it! Usually I try and eat something that’s similar and that tends to get rid of it. For example, if I make myself a Linda Sausage Sandwich with toasted bread and a load of ketchup, it sort of replicates how I would have had a bacon sandwich and satisfies my cravings. In terms of eggs, Follow Your Heart Vegan has an amazing vegan scrambled egg range that really tastes like the real deal. It’s interesting to get used to at the beginning, but once you’ve cracked it(ha) it really tastes like the eggs I remember. Try and be creative and most importantly, don’t give in!


5. Watch Vegan YouTubers!

One of the biggest helps for me during my switch and research process, was subscribing to vegan YouTubers – they are so helpful with food ideas and have so many videos thoroughly explaining what to do and how to do it.Not only that, but if you start your morning with a video, they really help motivate you to eat vegan food for the rest of the day. Here are some of my favourites and hopefully they’ll be able to give you some inspiration too:


Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen (she’s actually one of my favourite youtubers ever)


vegan hustle tv.png

Vegan Hustle TV



Liv B



6. Invest In Some Cookbooks!

Cookbooks are so underrated, especially in a time where everything is just on our phones so there seems to be no point, but cookbooks are so helpful! You can pinpoint what you’d like to create, have some help on what you should be storing in your cupboards and even give it to a friend or family member to pick what they’d like to eat one night. During my switch, I really struggled to maintain a healthy vegan diet. Even now as a student, it’s really hard for me to find the time and money to dedicate to working a healthy food life, but vegan cookbooks have helped with that enormously. My collection is still small but there are the strong contenders that have not only made me some tasty grub, but have also really inspired my cooking style too (and they also straight away tell you what you should be eating and what food you need to have in your cupboards.)

Lucy Watson: Feed Me Vegan

Katy Beskow: 15 Minute Vegan

Aine Carlin: Keep It Vegan


7. Believe in yourself.

You’ve gotta believe, my dude. I’m so proud of you already for even making the step in reading this, remember that! There will probably be some tough times in the month where you’re gonna struggle and miss meat, but it’s not because you necessarily want it, it’s because it’s easy and convenient. Remember why you’re doing it in the first place.

To save the animals, to save the environment, to fix your body and self – there are so many factors that veganism will help in the long run and you, right now, are making that turn and that’s amazing.

I’m so excited for your journey, going vegan has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I can’t wait for you to take the plunge too!

Let me know if you’re doing veganuary, I’d love to be of any help in any way I can and hopefully can give you some motivation to continue it for February, March, April and may be even…



Have a good one guys, I’ll leave you with some other tasty treats I had in my vegan 2018:



5 thoughts on “A Guide To Veganuary

  1. These are all super helpful tips!!!! I must say I deffo need to do more research so these links are going to come in handy. I can’t wait to crack on with Veganuary because I’ve got so much amazing food. Going around different shops and seeing what’s on offer really helped me.

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